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I am DOL: Ron Vargas on Helping Workers Train for Good Jobs

Editor’s note:In our “I Am DOL” series, we’re highlighting employees who work in a wide range of roles at the Department of Labor but who all share a passion for public service. Stay tuned for more stories, and explore current job openings at the department today.

Ron Vargas, a federal project officer in the Employment and Training Administration (ETA), helps make sure that workers have access to the education and training they need for family-sustaining careers.


Grants from the U.S. Department of Labor help state and local governments or other organizations provide quality career education and training services to workers who need to improve their skills or gain new ones. And project officers like Ron Vargas play a critical role in helping our grantees provide those much-needed services.

“I think my impact comes in through the work that I do… ensuring that American workers have equitable opportunities for advancement in their careers, as well as opportunities for training and skills upgrades to provide them leverage when it comes to competitiveness in the labor market,” he shared.

Beyond the satisfaction that comes from his daily work, Ron says that flexible workplace policies take much of the stress out of juggling work and family responsibilities: “The Department of Labor provides a myriad of work options and work flexibilities like telework, providing me the option to work from home. I’m able to care for my family, I’m able to care for myself.”

Knowing he made an impact on communities and individual workers across the nation is “beyond rewarding,” he said. “If you have a passion for serving your communities or diverse communities across this nation, if you have a passion for assisting individuals that comes from disadvantaged circumstances and providing opportunities for advancement through training, through career services and other supportive services, ETA is for you.”

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