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4 Ways to Win Talent With Transparency in Recruitment

First impressions matter, particularly during the recruitment process. From your initial touchpoint with talent, you're setting an example of what they can expect from your relationship. One unintentional stumble might leave you with disgruntled applicants. Although many factors can contribute to a stellar first impression, transparency in recruitment can top them all. For candidates, transparency in the hiring process is

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Are Online Degrees Worth It? What Hiring Managers Think

Even before COVID-19, online degree programs were growing increasingly popular. The ability to earn a college degree without being tied to a physical campus opened doors for many students with existing commitments, like families and jobs. Plus, online degree programs and other educational options, like short-term coding boot camps, are often — though not always — more affordable than their

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Don’t Let Your Credibility Be Another Casualty of This Pandemic

Credibility and trust take years to build, but they can be undone in an instant. Once lost, they are really difficult — and sometimes outright impossible — to rebuild. We are living through the most stressful period of our lifetimes. A few fortunate people may be relatively unaffected, but in all likelihood, virtually everyone you know is feeling more stress

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When Recruiters Act More Like Salespeople, Companies and Candidates Both Benefit

In many organizations, the sales team is valued as having the greatest impact on the company's bottom line. They use tactics such as sourcing leads through social media to garner interest and keep in touch with past clients, in the hopes of eventually turning prospects into buyers. If you stop and think about it, recruiters are more or less salespeople.

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The Future of HR Is Virtual: 3 Things HR Teams Need to Do in 2021

In the current landscape, organizations are watching their workplaces transform before their eyes (or, more accurately, screens). Every year, HR leaders must adapt to shifting priorities, business plans, and employee needs. However, following the tumultuous year of 2020, many HR professionals are grappling with a more radical realignment of their strategies. The pandemic changed the needs and requirements of employees

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