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Employee Turnover Is on the Rise. Here’s How to Make Them Stay.

If organizations thought employee engagement was a challenge before the pandemic, they've now seen what economic turbulence can do to company culture. Disrupted work/life balance, companywide disconnects, and rising rates of disengagement are just a few of the hurdles HR leaders and their organizations face in the post-pandemic world. Engagement initially rose during the pandemic, thanks to newfound flexibility and

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Building the Next Generation of Frontline Workers: How the Leaders of Today Can Ensure a Bright Future for Essential Industries

During the global pandemic, we've witnessed essential workers — healthcare professionals, police officers, and firefighters, to name a few — risking their health to provide the care and service Americans need. As the past year has shown us all, frontline workers are crucial to our country's continued success. While frontline leaders and managers have a duty to create work environments

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Confidentiality Agreements: What Recruiters, Employers, and Candidates Need to Know

Confidentiality agreements (CAs) are written contracts that permit an individual or organization with information it considers proprietary to disclose that information while protecting its secrecy. The person who receives the disclosure is obligated not to misappropriate, share, or steal the information, according to the terms of the CA. CAs have taken on new importance as many companies have shifted to

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Retaining Talent in a Virtual World: It Starts With Really Knowing Who Your Employees Are

Over the past year, employees everywhere have had to rapidly adjust to the demands of a virtual workplace. Of all the challenges employers have faced while transitioning from in-person to remote work — and potentially back again soon — one of the most glaring has been determining how to make smart and informed decisions related to talent development and employee

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The Pandemic Taught Us What Really Matters in a Workplace Culture

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown us what the essentials of good workplace culture really are. When offices are closed and employees work remotely, perks like award-winning coffee bars and napping pods no longer mean much. Wherever they are and however they work, employees need to feel they are part of a strong, focused, connected, and supportive organization. Companies, in turn,

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