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In the Age of Remote Work, International Hiring Is Still Tricky: Best Practices for Recruiting Global Talent

Recruitment can be complex and challenging, so it's no surprise the average hire costs thousands of dollars. The process takes time, requires organization, and can be a logistical nightmare under even the best circumstances. When you're making international hires, the headaches only increase. But sometimes, a foreign employee is the best addition to your team, … Source Recruiter

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COVID Has HR Teams Embracing Digital Transformation — and That’s Good News for Employee Benefits

Digitalization is happening rapidly in the wake of COVID-19, especially in the realm of HR. For example, more than 80 percent of HR professionals saying digital delivery systems are now critical to their health and benefits offerings, according to recent research we conducted here at Darwin. That research also found that 53 percent of employees believe they get the …

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The 7 Golden Rules to Greatly Boost Your Online Test Score

In the following article, I will walk you through seven great, practical, and actionable tips to tackle any online test from the world's top test providers. An online test can be a very intimidating and stressful experience. Approaching it without proper preparation will seriously hurt your chances at landing your desired job. Preparing in a smart way, on the other

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3 Ways Your Company Can Help Close the Tech Skills Gap

The digital skills gap in our country has persisted for years, and unfortunately, it's getting worse. Technology is evolving fast, and automation is sweeping across every industry. Companies are in urgent need of tech skills, but they're struggling to find qualified candidates through traditional pathways. About 225,000 computing jobs are open in America, and only about  Source Recruiter

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Why Aren’t You Using Corporate Social Responsibility as a Recruiting Tool?

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a broad-strokes term for practices companies enact to ensure their work impacts society at large in a positive way. These practices are often rooted in the organization's mission, vision, and core values, cascading from there to each stakeholder involved. CSR practices tend to be industry-specific, meaning the particular form they take depends heavily on the

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Beyond Black History Month: Don’t Limit Meaningful DE&I Work to February

There are countless African Americans who have had a profound impact on American history, yet many of their stories have gone untold or underappreciated, pushed deep under the surface of a white-dominant culture. If we want humanity to shine, those stories must be uncovered and celebrated every day as part of how we live. As we work toward that future,

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