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5 Unexpected Ways Interview Scheduling Software Saves You Time

According to recruiters, interview scheduling is the most time-consuming aspect of the recruiting process. In fact, two in three recruiters say it can take up to two hours to schedule just one interview. Jumping between calendars, emails, spreadsheets, resumes, and post-it notes can make for a lengthy — and inefficient — hiring process. … Source Recruiter

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Build High-Performing Teams by Hiring, Empowering, and Developing Employees

When companies attempt to build high-performing workforces, they often rely on antiquated measures of assessment and development that put them at a severe disadvantage in an increasingly complex and hyper-competitive global economy. Human capital has never been more indispensable, but many hiring managers and HR professionals aren't leveraging the resources at their disposal to build and sustain a modern workforce.

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Employee Retention in the Post-Pandemic World: Health and Safety Come First

After more than a year of soaring unemployment rates, America is ready to get back to work. As COVID-19 cases continue to dwindle throughout the country, companies are eager to welcome staff back to the office. However, things aren't necessarily going according to plan. In what has been called "the turnover tsunami," companies are bracing for a colossal wave of

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The 7 Common Success Traps, Part 4: Overreliance on Data

The seven common success traps are the traps I've learned about over the course of my career working with clients and collaborators from some of America's top organizations, including Fortune 50 and Fortune 500 companies. These traps are based on both my personal experience and the stories shared by my clients and collaborators.  These success traps can and do happen

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