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Here at the Department of Labor, our team is united by a common goal – to make a difference in the lives of working families. We do that by safeguarding their wages, protecting their health and safety, and ensuring access to unemployment, health insurance, workers’ compensation, and retirement benefits they are due. We build pathways to good jobs and careers for all workers. We use data to tell the story of our economy and to evaluate whether policies are inclusive and effective. In short, we work for working people.

At the Department of Labor, we believe workers deserve a just day’s pay for a hard day’s work. We also know that work is about more than just pay. It’s about security – for workers, their families and communities. It’s about meaning – knowing the work they do is purposeful. It’s about having opportunities to grow and feeling a sense of belonging. We believe that those who have been incarcerated deserve a second chance, we help people who live in poverty build a way out, and we provide workers who fall on hard times a safety net and a pathway to economic security.

If this sounds like something you want to be a part of, learn more about who we are and what we do – directly from some of our colleagues – through our “I am DOL” series, and check out opportunities to work with us.

Across the department, more than 14,000 colleagues from diverse backgrounds, communities, identities and experiences work together to enjoy the rewards of meaningful work and experience the sense of community that comes with serving as part of this amazing team of professionals.

As part of the federal government, our employees can affect institutional policies and practices that profoundly change people’s lives. They use their voices to help the government work for workers, especially those who have been forgotten before.

Get to Know Our Coworkers

Clarissa Romero wanted a mission-driven career, and as an Occupational Safety and Health Administration compliance officer, her mission is to keep workers safe.

Explore career opportunities at OSHA

Vanessa Ross, a claims examiner for our Office of Workers’ Compensation Programs, explains why she’s passionate about having a job where she can help people every day—and how the Department of Labor makes it possible for her to balance her work and home life.

Explore openings at OWCP

Riquita Quarterman, a supervisor of the quality assurance unit in our Employee Benefits Security Administration, shares how our commitment to diversity and education benefits makes the department a great place to work.

Explore openings at EBSA

Lucia Garcia’s family members have been working for the Department of Labor since 1968. Hear how she is carrying on her family’s tradition as a community outreach and resource planning specialist for our Wage and Hour Division.

Explore openings at WHD

Nicholas Gutierrez is not only an assistant district manager for our Mine Safety and Health Administration, he’s also a third-generation miner, so he knows what it takes to keep miners safe on the job. His lived experience brings an invaluable perspective to our team every day.

Explore openings at MSHA

Ron Vargas shares what it’s like to work for the Department of Labor’s Employment and Training Administration to help workers advance their careers every day.

Explore openings at ETA

Samuel An, a supervisory economist for the Bureau of Labor Statistics shares why he’s proud of the work he does to keep the public informed about critical economic data.

Explore openings at BLS 

These are just a few of the careers available at the Department of Labor.

If you want to make sure every worker gets paid what they are rightfully owed, come work with us. If you want to help to make sure every worker comes home safely at the end of the workday, come work with us. If you care about empowering workers, ensuring that all jobs are good jobs and that every community has access to those jobs, come work with us. We work so America works!

We are in a moment of opportunity and a moment of urgency, and we are building our team to meet this moment, looking for people who have passion for our mission and a fire in their belly to fight for working people and for racial and economic justice in the workforce. Come work with us, so you can say, “I am DOL!

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