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The Top 9 Hottest Jobs during the Pandemic

Affected by the outbreak of COVID-19, businesses of all shapes and sizes are finding it difficult to operate smoothly. Many employees find themselves out of work due to social distancing and others have transitioned to a work-from-home model and are relying on technology and the internet to collaborate with colleagues and get things done. Not surprising, internet-related hot jobs are in suddenly in great demand during coronavirus outbreak. If you are looking for a new job and have the skills and knowledge needed, the time is right for you to look into these hot jobs during coronavirus outbreak.

Web front-end development engineer

Web front-end development engineer is a hot job during coronavirus outbreak. The engineer is mainly responsible for the design and implementation of the front-end network based on requirements, performs code review, and advises for optimization. The aim is to create a first-class web interface for products and services provided on the site. This hot job requires a strong interest in Web technology innovation and rich internet application development, as well as an in-depth understanding of user experience, interaction processes, and user needs. For better team collaboration, you also need skills to communicate and articulate design and technology to your co-workers, so that they can understand and follow clearly.

Database administrator

Many projects need database support. The database administrator is engaged in the management, maintenance, and security of database systems. It is a critical role because the loss of sensitive information could be catastrophic for companies and organizations. To be more specific, database administrators install, back up, update and patch databases, as well as ensure database access, completeness, and coherence. The key skills needed for the job include fluency in SQL, UNIX, and Oracle. Many employers prefer to hire those who have a bachelor’s degree in computer science, information science or a relevant field during coronavirus outbreak. Additional degrees and certifications can boost your income potential. Database administrators should have extensive database knowledge, the ability to guide the development team in the design of the database and find the bottlenecks for performance tuning. Analytical and communicative skills are important to success as is the ability to manage and organize.

UI designer

Generally, the job of UI designers is to beautify the interface and help the user accomplish their goals. The key to being a UI designer is to build a deep understanding of the users and make the interface as user-friendly and convenient as possible. UI designers usually work with a team to collect consumer feedback and implement creative plans to optimize users’ experience. The designer first makes the prototype of the interface and presents designs to the team. They gather feedback, make modifications and generate various interface elements including wireframes, storyboards, user flows, process flows and so on. The UI designer must have experience with visual design tools (like Photoshop and illustrator) and the ability of artistic conception. If you care about people, like to work in a team and fulfill the above requirements, it would be a great opportunity for you to display your skills during coronavirus outbreak.

Software development engineer

Due to the development of the Internet, the demand for software developers is increasing rapidly in multiple industries, and the salary is considerably high. Software development engineers should develop the test, modify and debug software applications, monitor program performance, as well as design software solutions based on user needs.

Because Software development brings a huge workload, the engineers usually work with a group of content producers. designers and other engineers, and focus on a specific area over some time. In the competitive industry, income is closely related to the individual’s technical ability and experience. Former experience in database integrations and client applications would help a lot. If you want to work as a software development engineer, it is important to study hard and practice a lot.

Insurance salesman

As COVID-19 spreads, the insurance industry has seen new policies increase. Some consumers have opted to buy insurance policies as fears about the coronavirus outbreak. Many are concerned about the heavy financial burden if someone in their family becomes seriously ill as a result of the pandemic. Some consumers have purchased medical insurance for their whole family and arranged accident insurance and serious illness insurance as well.

Big data development engineer

There are many applications for big data across lots of industries and the demand for skilled, big data development engineers is growing. Due to the massive amounts of data, it has become more and more difficult to manipulate and analyze data ultimately extract value information from it. No matter the level of technical depth or development, big data development engineer is the hottest position at present, and the demand will continue to increase in the future.

There are several hard skills required: SQL, programming, exploratory analysis skills and Hadoop/parallel processing. As for the soft skills, you would have a better chance of being hired with the ability to model, optimize and simulate. Machine learning and data mining have gained much popularity recently. Big data development engineers should be willing to constantly upgrade skills and accumulate practical experience.

Project manager

The responsibility of the project manager is to lead the staff to complete the whole project, and it is necessary to coordinate the relationship between employees to ensure smooth progress. The decision of the manager would directly influence the development of the project and it is hard to find a balance between difficult roles and responsibilities. Therefore, there are great requirements for communication, coordination and management ability.

In order to have a better grasp of the project schedule and assignment, the project manager is best equipped with a development background, but the programming skills are relatively lower than other jobs. In fact, they are in increasing demand in many industries over the world.


During coronavirus outbreak, this hot job is also less technically demanding than other positions. The responsibilities include designing test cases, preparing test data, and performing tests. Strong candidates will stand out if they have technical experience with scripting languages and HTML. Practitioners need knowledge of testing and the ability to quickly deploy applications and build test environments. Some of them can enjoy the pleasure of working from home. As testers, they are committed to high-quality work and focus on detail.

Internet marketing/operation

In the Internet era, the competition is extremely fierce and it is difficult to for a product, App, or website to be successful without marketing operations. Internet marketing/operation plays an important role in a company’s go-to-market efforts especially if it relies heavily on digital marketing to drive traffic and revenue. Even though an increasing number of people are entering the field, talented internet marketing/operations managers are in short supply. For those who want to break into the field, you should think more about how to statistics, analysis, and accurate positioning. But beyond that, you need hard skills to stand out, like design, editing, and video editing abilities.

Our life is closely connected with the Internet, and the coronavirus outbreak only confirms this point. Technology changes our way of living and working. For those who engage in the internet space, it is a great opportunity to find a fitting job, considering the huge talent gap. Don’t hesitate and start preparing your resume during coronavirus outbreak!

With the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic in all states of the United States, the number of unemployed people has climbed in recent weeks. So far, about 22 million citizens have applied for unemployment relief for the first time. Behind this number, 22 million unemployment stories and many people’s lives that have been impacted. So, what are the top 15 jobs most likely to be laid off?

  1. Restaurant Staff
    Affected by the spread of the new coronavirus, the US catering industry has suffered heavy losses. Recently, the National Restaurant Association conducted a survey on the current status of the restaurant industry, and the results are not promising.

The report surveyed more than 6,500 restaurant operators across the country from April 10-16 and found that two-thirds of restaurant workers have been unemployed, In addition to that more than 8 million restaurant labors were dismissed or forced to quit job.

  1. Theatre Staff
    Under the outbreak, many theaters were forced to close. “On March 12, we were informed that all Broadway shows would be suspended for 30 days,” said Rachel sterner, the stage manager for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.

Although it’s common to be fired when working in a theater, you can always find another way out. But now under the situation of Covid19 pandemic, there will be no work for a long time. Even if the performance starts again, no one knows when the audience will come back.

  1. Staff Work for Leisure Places
    Since people cannot go out, the profits of many leisure places such as cafes, bars, and yoga studios have also fallen sharply, and some companies can’t even survive.

Byron Gomez is a cafe manager. According to him, April is usually the busiest time of the year due to the celebration of many festivals. However, since the profit margin of the cafe is not high, and the peak sales season due to the epidemic is missed, it is very difficult to operate now. Byron Gomez and his wife have applied for unemployment benefits but have not received the federal stimulus check yet. Although they have about $300 in savings now, if they do use the savings, the money will soon be depleted.

  1. Real Estate Agent
    Affected by the epidemic, the US home sales dropped significantly. In states where the new coronavirus has hit the hardest, housing purchase applications have fallen even more: 35% in New York, 23% in California and 17% in Washington.
  2. mandowarealestate

John Dignan, a real estate agent, said: “The epidemic suddenly broke out and people’s intention to buy a house fell. The two staff members who worked with me have been fired and they are now struggling.”

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