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5 Things You Should Do After the Interview

A successful job interview is definitely important for any candidate. However it is not the end as the candidate should realize that the markets are highly competitive. It is a fact that most of the hiring managers would never consider a candidate who avoids follow-up. To make the best impression following are some of the rules or tips. These tips are devise as a result of evaluations as well as surveys conducted:

Follow-up process

Candidates are shy and this can prove fatal. The best way to make an astounding impression is to ask the hiring managers or the interviewers some questions that are of utmost importance. Questioning makes the managers clear about the interest of the candidate. It also fully communicates the spirit and anxiousness. Some of the questions are as follows:

· How long will the decision-making take?

· The point of contact and complete follow-up process involved.

A simple thank you note

About 15% of hiring managers expect this once the interview is over. It means that any candidate depicting this courtesy will definitely be considered. A simple reply on top of the interview call will suffice. Send this thank you note within 24 hours of the job interview but it is ideal to do this within 2-3 hours. Even if the candidate is not hired this action will surely help the hiring managers remembering him or her. Such candidates are rare so companies call them for future job openings.

Search, search and search

Most of the candidates quit job search after an astounding interview. The fact of the matter is that a candidate should never quit the job search. If the job offer is not made nothing is sure. In case of an excellent job interview the candidate should search the websites of the competitors of the company to see if they are hiring. Job search is a phenomenon that should never end.

Proper LinkedIn use

Tailored LinkedIn use is another way to get in touch. It will make sure that a candidate’s interest in the job is gauge by the interviewer. A personalized message not more than 300 characters will suffice. It will not only create a personalized feel, but will also connect the candidate to the organization.

By Muhammad Munzir Chaudhry

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