Telephonic Interview in Pharmaceuticals

The Telephonic interview has become the trend of the day. Company’s use telephonic interviews either when the candidates are under qualified or when the applicant is at a distant location. This is one of the best methods to select appropriate candidate. This method is cost-effective and time-saving. Also, it becomes easy for the interviewer to shortlist the candidates for final interview. Below is a list of top 10 Tips for a Telephonic Interview.

1. Don’t Get Interrupted

Find a remote corner when individual interviewed on phone. Getting disturbed by family, friends or pets as that will spoil your chances of getting selected. Make sure there are no needless disturbances while you’re being interviewed.

2. Be Thorough With Your CV

You should be thorough while preparing and managing your CV when being interviewed. You should be able to refer to the CV as and when required. Imagine a situation when the interviewer is questioning you about a point in your CV but you can’t remember it In such a situation if you have your CV nearby, it becomes convenient for you to refer it and answer questions accordingly.

3. Be Confident

Just because the interviewer can’t see you it doesn’t mean he can’t hear you Avoid being nervous as that will get reflected in your voice. Be confident and your voice will sound cool and composed.

4. Keep Your Hands Free

This is actually very essential for those who desire to apply for engineering or IT post. Visualize a condition where you have been asked to solve a difficulty and in such situations, it becomes integral to have your hands free and use either a speaker phone or a hands-free or blue-tooth.

5. Keep Water Handy

Telephonic interviews can be long and time-consuming, therefore keep some water ready for your dry throat. Water will also help you give a break and relax when you’re feeling tired or nervous.

6. Don’t Be Fake

If you have an opinion that by talking on the phone you can make belief to be someone else or fake your attainment, then think again. The interviewer is a specialized and it would not be easy to fool him.

7. Ask About The Next Step

Once the interview is over, make a point to ask the interviewer about what the next step would be It would be nearby a face-to-face interview or a meeting. This will give an impression that not only are you keen for that situation but also curious and have the presence of mind to ask about the result. However, do not sound desperate.

8. Be Happy And Confident

When you’re talking on the phone it might not come logically to you, as you can take some comfort by having an interview without the pressures of sitting in front of three or four members of the company all staring at you If you relax and smile as much as possible while speaking, it will allow you to give positive answers and sound confident which is much more likely to impress your employer as it emphasizes your enthusiasm.

9. Be Professional

While you may feel easy at home or external having your interview, avoid doing what you may normally do on the phone such as eating or sipping a drink or watching television. Turn the TV off, leave the food in the cupboard and focus on what is being said to you and your response, it’s a case of respect – something all senior employers look for.

10. Stand Up And Take Note!

Whether you believe this thing or not, while standing up and walking around this can literally help your voice to become more effectively. As a clear voice is a key down the phone as it allows your potential employer to hear you easily and shows that you have good communication skills. If at all possible, attempt to avoid words like “erm” and “umm” as it can imply that nerves affect you.

Ankur Choudhary is a professional pharmaceutical blogger and founder of Pharmaceutical Guidelines.

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