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Proven Job Interview Techniques That Work

There are times when a job interview is part of the next step in one’s career. This could be due to unexpected unemployment, a chance to interview for a promotion, or to simply seek out other opportunities.

If you find yourself in the midst of preparing for a job interview in the near future, let me share some proven job interview techniques that work.

Say it like you mean it – Don’t underestimate the power of a positive and enthusiastic attitude. Whether leaving a voicemail for a recruiter, interviewing over the phone/online, or even during an in person interview, you want your enthusiasm for the opportunity to shine through.

Of course I am not suggesting that you be disingenuous or overdo it. However, you will want to find the characteristics of the opportunity that excite you and let it be reflected in your conversations during the interview.

For example, maybe the job location is ideal for you, or the experience you will gain from the opportunity will help you get to the next level in your career. Whatever aspects of the position are exciting to you; let that be your motivation to express your authentic enthusiasm about it.

This will help you stand out over other candidates, particularly if they are less enthusiastic, have a dry personality or a negative attitude. The person conducting the interview usually feels more favorable about a candidate who has an upbeat energy about them.

No Tattle Telling – During the job interview you will most likely be asked questions about your prior employment. As tempting as it might be, if you had a bad experience, please don’t use this as an opportunity to share negative comments about any of your past employers.

Certainly nothing wrong with sharing challenges that you may have faced and how you overcame them. You just want to do this in a respectful and positive way.

For example, I would not suggest responding with, “I had a terrible boss who didn’t know how to do their job so I had to step in and do all the work for them“. Instead, I would suggest you say something like, “At times I didn’t have all the information I needed about a task so I would seek out my supervisor for clarification. This worked out well and I was able to successfully meet the expectations.”

This way, you share a challenge that you had, but talk about it in a more positive way. This helps you stand out over other candidates who are negative about their employment experience. The biggest risk in being negative is that the interviewer may assume that will you become negative about the company if hired for their opportunity.

Respond Urgently – A job search may become slow at times, especially when it comes to hearing back from an employer. You spend a lot of time sending out resumes and it can become frustrating when you do not get a response right away.

However, when you do get a response, I want you to respond with a sense of urgency on your part. This shows your strong interest in the opportunity and may help you stand out over other candidates who may take their time in responding.

This applies to any phase of the interview process such as an initial email or voicemail you may receive, to even the timing of your follow-up thank you note after the interview.

By responding with a sense of urgency, you display a level of interest in the opportunity that will help you get noticed.

Again, be sure to try these proven job interview techniques for better results:

  • Say it like you mean it
  • No Tattle Telling
  • Respond Urgently

By Alisa Charles Written

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