Meeting Tech Challenges During a Pandemic

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic,public demand forinformation aboutthe Department of Labor’s critical serviceshasskyrocketed. With modernized infrastructure already in place,ourOffice of the Chief Information Officer swiftly responded to meet thenew technologychallenges.OCIO provided agiledepartment-widetechnical supportfor27 agenciesto ensure uninterrupted delivery and continuity of services to Americanworkers, retirees and job seekers. Fortunately,our departmentwas ahead of the curve in preparingourworkforce and infrastructure for

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ODEP at 20: Driving Change Through Inclusive State and Local Policies

ODEP Senior Policy Advisor Nadia Mossburg (right, with Watson, her service dog) talk with Illinois State Sen. Laura Fine at the Women in Government Annual Conference in October 2018. Much of our policy work in the Office of Disability Employment Policy focuses on state and local governments, where the rubber meets the road in terms of workforce solutions. Our unique

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Building Better Benefits Solutions for the Future

It’s been a year since leaders across the United States, in order to slow the spread of this deadly virus, started asking people to stay home and limit their contact with others. Over the past year, the Department of Labor’s Employment and Training Administration has overseen the implementation of new unemployment insurance programs and expansions of existing programs to help

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Exploring the Intersection of Black History and Disability Inclusion

Brad Lomax and his brother Glenn.Photo provided by Leroy Moore. Black Americans in the civil rights movement have had a significant influence on America’s disability rights movement, with some playing crucial roles in both efforts. Much of the progress we have made as a nation achieving positive change forhistorically marginalized people and communities has been led by Black Americans with

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A More Inclusive Economy is Key to Recovery

The unemployment rate dropped to 6.3% in January 2021, according to the latest Employment Situation report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Many workers are still in crisis and we know that the latest recession hasn’t affected everyone equally. In addition to major disparities in health impacts, Black Americans have seen disproportionate economic impacts from the pandemic. Among demographic groups,

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ODEP at 20: Driving Change and Creating Opportunity

Editor’s note: This blog post is the first in a series celebrating ODEP’s 20th anniversary in 2021. For those of us in the U.S. Department of Labor’s Office of Disability Employment Policy, this year is a momentous one, marking 20 years since our establishment. It’s a time for both celebration and reflection, especially as we work to ensure all Americans

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