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What to include in a resume has evolved considerably over the past couple of decades. There was a time when writing a solid objective statement was crucial to luring in a hiring manager. But now, experts recommend running from them at all costs.

Another shift that is being seen in the world of resume writing is the testimonial. Once upon a time, references (the name and contact information for three or more people who could vouch for you as a quality candidate) were to be attached to resumes. Now, some job seekers are taking the extra initiative to add testimonials.

Is this something you should consider?

What Are Testimonials?

Testimonials in resumes are similar to those you’ll find on marketed products. They are very short paragraphs (usually as short as one or two lines) written by someone you’ve worked with who is willing to vouch for your credibility as a potential employee, client, etc.

For instance, if you know the vice president of a company you once worked for, he or she might write a couple of sentences touting your level of commitment and experience to the company. This helps to toot your horn as an employee without your having to do the work yourself.

Testimonials Are Great for Resumes

To answer the question of whether testimonials are good for resumes, the answer is yes! Job seekers today are competing with more candidates than ever and need any edge possible to make them stand out from the pack.

If you want to make a great first impression, it’s good to add two or three testimonials to your resume, cover letter, or on a separate reference sheet. No matter how they’re added, they’re likely to immediately catch the attention of the hiring manager because they’re still considered unique.

This self-marketing tool could push you past the competition and through a company’s doors for an interview. So think about it as a great way to increase your appeal in this tough job market.

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