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5 Incredibly Effective Strategies for Inclusive Hiring

In this revamped corporate world, new trends are thriving at a swift pace. A lot about the corporate world has changed, and it seems like the caravan of transitions will be extended. Modern organizations embrace new trends from hiring to operations and customer service. Among these significant trends, diversity and inclusion in the workplace take a substantial lead over others. 

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4 New Trends in Effective Recruiting

The Great Resignation has created a paradigm shift in how companies recruit. Employees have captured a significant degree of momentum and have created a booming job market for themselves. Job-seekers — particularly those with a high degree of talent and experience — can have their pick of the litter when considering their next career move. This new reality Source Recruiter

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How to Support the LGBTQ+ Community Year-Round — Not Just During Pride Month

  Pride Month is always full of celebrations for the LGBTQ+ community. Still, too many corporations tend to take on performative activism — in which they choose to show support only for the month. They either forget about the community once June ends or actively support organizations against equality. No business wants to fall into this category. Employers can use

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Compensation Communication: Managing Employee Pay Expectations Amid Rising Inflation

Over the past six months, as inflation continues to impact businesses and individuals nationwide, many employees are feeling the strain of the current economy, and their pay concerns are becoming increasingly important to address. These economic hardships also allow employers to lead conversations around the importance of pay … Source Recruiter

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