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As the Pandemic Continues, We Must Keep Our Core Values Front and Center

The Japanese business philosophy of kaizen promotes the continuous growth of all employees no matter where they are in the org chart. Consciously or not, many company leaders subscribe to this concept on some level when it comes to company culture. When you are intentional about creating strong growth and an adaptable culture, … Source Recruiter

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Managing Hybrid Teams: How to Keep Culture Strong and Productivity High When Employees Are Working From Home and the Office

The pandemic-driven shift to mass remote work has had its fair share of challenges, like a disrupted work/life balance and widening communication gaps. Despite that, many employees have come to prefer the flexibility of working from home over the rigidity of working from a shared office. At the same time, some roles will require a return to the office once

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Resilient Employees Create Resilient Organizations

"Resilience" is defined as "the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties" — and there has never been a time in the modern era when organizations have had to be more resilient than right now. The foundation of that resilience is built by a company's employees. Yet the same pandemic that demands organizational resilience also makes cultivating that resilience increasingly difficult. The global

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3 Ways to Optimize Your Talent ROI

Talent expenses account for an average of 25-40 percent of a company's operating budget, but what you do with this budget determines your ROI across every single business department. It's no wonder, then, that solving recruitment and talent challenges is becoming increasingly important for companies. In a 2019 survey conducted by The Predictive Index, CEOs agreed that four out of their

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