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Employers, Meet Humanity: How the Pandemic Created a White Space to Reinvent Your Company Culture

The new year is upon us, and now more than ever do we need a slice of humanity at work. The pandemic forced many organizations into a tailspin, throwing employer-employee relationships totally out of sorts. But this situation has also created a real opportunity to reinvent that relationship and foster stronger cultures and companies. How will your organization … Source

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The Two Halves of 2021: The Good, the Bad, and Everything in Between

The beginning of 2021 will include a new presidential administration and a focus on vaccine availability and the timing of additional federal aid. The second half of the year, we will all be busy rebuilding our battered economy and creating a new normal.If we rebound as anticipated, a hiring bonanza is likely. LaborIQ by ThinkWhy estimates Source Recruiter

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How Should Teams Take Back Control of Talent Acquisition in 2021? By Embracing Deep Recruitment Technology

We could use many adjectives to describe 2020 (including some choice words that may not be ideal to print). If we had to pick a descriptor that would be universally understood, it would be "chaotic." Over the past 12 months, company executives and recruitment leaders have endured fluctuations in unemployment, budgets, and workplace practices. With so much out of their control,

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13 Questions You Should Ask to Understand Whether a Company Cares About Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Let's be candid here. If you ask a hiring manager (or any one of your interviewers) whether their company has diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) policies or procedures in place, you're likely to receive a legalistic, by-the-books "Of course!" response. Just because a company says something is true, that doesn't mean it is in practice. … Source Recruiter

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