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3 Ways to Make Your Technical Interviews Work in a Virtual Hiring World

Done well, technical interviews follow a consistent process to identify the most qualified candidates for your team and leave candidates with a positive impression of your company. Done poorly, technical interviews can negatively impact candidate experience, produce inconsistent results, and even raise compliance issues for your company. For companies that have well-established processes for conducting technical interviews in person, the

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Recruiting Made Easier: How One Free Chrome Extension Can Help

For recruiters, it's frustrating when someone says hiring is an easy job. While the pandemic brought on a slew of terrible circumstances, such as economic turmoil, layoffs, and budget cuts, recruiting pre-pandemic wasn't a walk in the park either. With record-low unemployment, 78 percent of employed professionals open to job hopping, and heavy competition from outside organizations, … Source Recruiter

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How to Deal With a Personality Clash at Work — Without Losing Your Professionalism

All workplaces are prone to occasional disagreements, most of which are due to simple miscommunication. Some, however, are driven by personality clashes between people on the same team. Such clashes have the potential to cause serious disruptions. What can you do if you find yourself on one end of such a clash — or you are the manager … Source

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The Best Salary Finance Schemes for Employees

"Salary finance schemes" are a way for employees to withdraw their salaries in advance of payday. It is also a way for employers to provide financial assistance and increased financial security to their workforces. Though relatively new in the world of employee benefits, salary finance schemes have become an increasingly important incentive for today's job hunters. As … Source Recruiter

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These Are the Skills Hiring Managers Need to Look for in 2021

While the past year has uprooted millions of workers and thrown the global economy into disarray, it has also had a catalytic effect on many industries and companies. For example, of all the changes COVID-19 has caused, perhaps the most significant has been a fundamental reconsideration of the way companies find and deploy human capital. From the overnight shift to

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Intention vs. Action in Diversity and Inclusion Recruiting: Can You Spot the Difference?

So here we are, the year 2021, arguably the most anticipated year in modern history.  Apart from the progress we hope to see in efforts to halt the pandemic, this year will also force us to confront another elephant in the room leftover from 2020: Did everybody really mean what they said about diversity, inclusion, and racial equality?  Source Recruiter

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